Connect your teachers with professional growth opportunities

With BloomBoard, you gain access to an open marketplace of professional development opportunities that you can use to empower your educators’ growth.

High-quality content from trusted partners

Choose content from a variety of subject areas, grade levels, price points, and content providers to ensure you find high-quality resources that meet your organization’s needs. Best of all, content in the BloomBoard Resource Library aligns with your district’s teaching standards and rubrics–your teachers can find exactly what they need to help them grow professionally.

Empower teachers to manage their professional development

Your educators can browse the BloomBoard marketplace to find content that’s aligned to their personal learning goals and view comments and ratings from other teachers to find the best content available. Administrators and teachers can use pre-paid credits to access high-quality professional development content.

Learn why schools should shift away from curricula to a teacher-centric approach.

Observations made easy

With BloomBoard, your face-to-face, video and document-based observations are organized in one place. You’ll have the tools to schedule, manage and complete in-class (and remote) observations. And, we make it easy to share ratings and feedback, facilitating greater transparency.

BloomBoard is neither a “one-size-fits-all” nor a “we’ll make changes until your head spins” solution - we make sure you get just what you need. We’ll work with you to customize BloomBoard to your instructional frameworks and processes, and provide reports to ensure that you can meet state mandates.


Never fall behind

Track all observation-related activities to ensure they’re completed on time

Information is managed according to your frameworks, processes, and data

This K-12 School Administrator's Checklist provides guidance on what to look for when finding the right observation and evaulation tools for your school.

Data at your fingertips

Need to identify where your teachers need the most support? Our tools make it simple to track and analyze all of your evaluation, student-based, and feedback survey data to determine how to best help your team improve.

Sample reports:

Identify your organization’s needs

Easily sort data to see which standards your educators are struggling with.

Support your educators’ growth

Make targeted professional development recommendations based on instructional data

Support whenever you need it
Though it’s so easy, you probably won’t!

Whether you’re a technology novice or a computer expert, we’ll make sure that you feel comfortable using BloomBoard. We provide free web-based training, online support materials, and live access to a world-class support team.

By the way, we value what you think. It’s important for us to improve BloomBoard because it’s designed for administrators like you. Whether you are a BloomBoard member or not, we welcome your feedback.

There’s plenty more we’d like to share!