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The Defiant Student: Coping Tips for Teachers

When faced with a defiant student, it's hard to not feel frustrated. The issue is often ongoing and not a simple fix. However,we all want our students to succeed and thrive in our classrooms so research and resources are essential to making it work. Read on, you're certainly not alone!
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  • 6 Collection Items
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The Defiant Student: Coping Tips for Teachers
  • aft.org

    Heading Off Disruptive Behavior

    13 minute read
    Melissa Williams says:
    This article is geared specifically to teachers dealing with a student who is defiant. Ongoing behavioral issues can really detract from teaching time and this article thoroughly explains the behavior, how it affects teachers/classrooms and what can be done.
  • mindpub.com

    Tips for Dealing with Defiant Children

    6 minute read
    Melissa Williams says:
    Hear from a life coach's perspective on why children may be defiant...where does it come from and how should the issue be dealt with? The advice is technically geared towards parents but is completely relevant for teachers of early years students as well.
  • nea.org

    Dealing With Defiant Students

    3 minute read
    Melissa Williams says:
    This is a very brief article with some very important points, such as standing side-by-side when dealing with a potentially confrontational situation. I appreciated the note about how students will often feel that they ARE the behavior and how it is critical to help your student realize that it's the behavior you don't like, not the student themselves.
  • Melissa Williams says:
    A real teacher discusses her experiences with defiant students. She talks about a specific incident and how she handled it while sprinkling in important tips to ensure success. She emphasizes the importance of having clear expectations and remaining calm and consistent. Very helpful and supportive video.
  • responsiveclassroom.org

    When Children Are Defiant - Responsive Classroom

    6 minute read
    Melissa Williams says:
    Preventing (always a good approach), de-escalating, and 'rising above' the negative feelings associated with teaching a defiant student...this is a quick read that is helpful and also inspiring. The small paragraph at the end should be typed up and taped to every teacher's desk. Excellent.
  • teaching.monster.com

    How To: Deal with an Oppositional and Defiant Student

    4 minute read
    Melissa Williams says:
    This is a really wonderful article on the topic. Direct and reasonable, it outlines the do's and don'ts when dealing with a power struggle. I especially like the list at the end of it which gives examples of perfect roles/responsibilities for your defiant student. Awesome strategies!