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Using Math tutors in your classroom effectively

Many math classrooms often have math tutors come into the classroom to help students. Let's use this extra help to our advantage! Check out how to use math tutors to your advantage and give students the maximum help they can get!
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Using Math tutors in your classroom effectively
  • avc.edu

    The Role of the Tutor in the Classroom: A Guide for Faculty

    5 minute read
    AD McDaniel says:
    Once you find out your classroom will have a tutor coming in to help, this guide is the first thing you should read. The information in it is designed to show how you can make the experience of having a tutor assigned to your classroom can be advantageous as possible.
  • AD McDaniel says:
    This book is written for an audience of tutors, but its a great read for a teacher to help you see what qualities you want to help your class's math tutor bring out of himself/herself for your students. It also may be a good idea to print out and give to any math tutors that want to improve or have any questions about what you want from them in the classroom.
  • ascd.org

    Making Peer Tutoring Work

    8 minute read
    AD McDaniel says:
    If you would like to know exactly how have a successful tutoring program in your classroom, this article provides step-by-step instructions. The peer tutoring model implemented in Lake Washington School District in Kirkland, Washington serves as the backdrop for an analysis of the components of successful tutoring programs, particularly how the need for a highly structured, carefully prescribed lesson format.
  • cehd.umn.edu

    Peer Tutoring

    5 minute read
    AD McDaniel says:
    Sometimes the best tutors in the math classroom is not the professionals we can bring in, but the other students that are already in the classroom. Peer tutoring is an organized learning experience in which one student serves as the teacher or tutor, and one is the learner or tutee. This guide outlines how to give students an opportunity to use their knowledge in a meaningful, social experience to help their fellow classmates .
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