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High-Stakes Testing: Yes, There Is An Alternative

We’ve all heard the debates, seen the mountain-load of media coverage and probably had to implement the test ourselves. Is standardized testing the new ‘standard’ that we have to bow down to, or are there alternatives? This collection provides answers, ideas and alternatives to these not-so-constructive evaluations.
A Collection By Erica Loop
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High-Stakes Testing: Yes, There Is An Alternative
  • khou.com

    More students opting out of STAAR testing

    5 minute read
    Erica Loop says:
    I feel that in looking for alternatives, we need to also understand when opting-out is an answer. This news clip illustrates just how deeply parents feel about the issue and the lengths they’re willing to go to protect their kids from testing.
  • teaching.about.com

    4 Radical Alternatives to Potentially Improve Standardized Testing

    6 minute read
    Erica Loop says:
    I’m not saying this resource is ground-breaking or has bold new ideas on alternatives. So, why read it? What it does have is basic information. With so much info out there, it’s easy to get lost in buzzwords and academic jargon. This breaks down alternatives in a completely simple way that can really start the thought process.
  • wnyc.org

    When Research Projects Replace State Tests

    5 minute read
    Erica Loop says:
    Even though this piece (both the written article and the more detailed audio) centers on high schoolers, it’s well-worth the read/listen to for any teacher. Hearing the students talk about their projects really hits home when it comes to what kids can do and how ‘tests’ just can’t capture that.
  • nais.org

    Assessment Without High-Stakes Testing

    10 minute read
    Erica Loop says:
    Coming from a developmental psychology background, I appreciated the focus that the alternatives discussed in this piece had. Child development (across all of the domains) was integrated into an assessment approach, making this article ideal for any teacher who is looking for creative ways to understand the student’s progress in reference to where they are and where they could be.
  • rethinkingschools.org

    Pencils Down Introduction

    7 minute read
    Erica Loop says:
    When I hear, “alternatives to high-stakes testing” I sometimes think, “Oh, no assessment.” Obviously, that isn’t going to happen – and this piece acknowledges that. I enjoyed the ideas and really appreciate that they aren’t throwing out the concept of assessment, just rethinking it.
  • nea.org

    NEA, Alternatives to High-Stakes Standardized Testing

    Erica Loop says:
    I love how this piece doesn’t just focus on what’s right now or what’s in the future, but also shows that alternatives to high-stakes testing have been around for years. Everyone has their own ‘ideas’ on alternatives, but this features evidence-based answers!
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