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The Problem with Classroom Overcrowding

Although most educators agree that low student numbers are key to quality learning, classrooms around the country continue to grow in size. What are the ramifications of this trend and how can it be managed? Given the budgetary crisis most schools face, it's clear these numbers will not be dropping anytime soon. So, the question remains how teachers and parents can cope effectively with this new reality and make the most of a difficult situation...or better yet, use it to their advantage!
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The Problem with Classroom Overcrowding
  • Jen Jeffers says:
    What exactly is overcrowding and why does it remain a consistent problem for learning institutions funded on a public level? This article explores the shortfalls of the No Child Left Behind Act and attempts to identify why this challenge cannot seem to be overcome.
  • teaching.about.com

    A Critical Situation: Teaching in an Overcrowded Classroom

    7 minute read
    Jen Jeffers says:
    While we all know how detrimental overcrowding can be, do we really understand the larger implications of this problem? There are very real consequences for both teacher and student, both of which are explored here in painful, but necessary, detail.
  • teachhub.com

    Classroom Overcrowding: It's Not Just a Numbers Game

    5 minute read
    Jen Jeffers says:
    Hearing first-hand from educators how the issue of overcrowding has affected their classrooms and their profession is a powerful way to better understand their predicament and the larger effect it has on our children. Read here how some of the most powerful and meaningful aspects of education are lost as a result.
  • Jen Jeffers says:
    No, it's not all in your head--overcrowding is a real problem that has even been mildly acknowledged by the U.S. Department of Education. Given the current level of concern around this growing issue, is there any way it can be continually ignored?
  • academia.edu

    Effects of Overcrowded Classrooms on Teacher-Student Interactions

    8 minute read
    Jen Jeffers says:
    If there is ever any doubt about the legitimacy of this issue, here is a case study that will provide all the confirmation you need. Not only does it explore the factual history of how this problem has been enhanced and ignored by the government, but it also illustrates a severe class issue that lives at the heart of the matter and cannot be dismissed.
  • nvpusahealth.com

    Five Tips for Managing an Overcrowded Classroom

    4 minute read
    Jen Jeffers says:
    Teachers are, by nature, solution-oriented folks. So, accepting the issue of overcrowding may be a wiser strategy than simply whining about it--and it may get results. What can educators do to compensate for a problem that probably isn't going away any time soon? Here are some helpful ways to approach the problem with the intention of compensating rather than complaining.
  • schoolsofthought.blogs.cnn.com

    Does class size matter?

    6 minute read
    Jen Jeffers says:
    Yes, size does matter. This is a fascinating look at how the problem presents on a granular level presented through the experience of New York Forest Hills High School. Part 1 of a two-part series, this close examination, combined with other pertinent facts, provides a strong overview. Click on Part 2 to continue the journey.
  • juliagthompson.blogspot.com

    How to Cope with An Overcrowded Classroom

    Jen Jeffers says:
    This well-written teacher narrative offers some calm, reasonable ways to approach the problem that can really alleviate some classroom stress and bring teaching back to being effective and fun, despite large numbers. Facing the problem with resolve and intelligence is clearly the best approach!
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