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Project Based Learning : Understanding the Why and How?

You’ve heard a lot about Project Based Learning and you may want to learn more. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced practitioner of PBL the guides and resources listed here will increase your knowledge. You’ll learn that PBL is an instructional strategy in which students work cooperatively over time to create a product, presentation or performance. Also, experience first-hand how other educators have successfully integrated Project Based Learning.
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Project Based Learning : Understanding the Why and How?
  • cultofpedagogy.com

    Project Based Learning: Start Here

    9 minute read
    John Cork says:
    This free Project Based Learning guide from the Cult of Pedagogy website is a must-have PBL resource. Whether you've been meaning to "get your feet wet" or dive deeper into PBL, this authoritative guide is an incredible resource. You’ll learn that PBL increases student engagement, promotes 21st Century learning skills and improves academic performance. The resource even puts forth tangible, real life examples!
  • John Cork says:
    Can your students solve a real-world problem in a creative and authentic way? The "Five Keys" video series presents you with core strategies to implement Project Based Learning into your own teaching practice. You’ll learn how to successfully implement PBL from real-life examples from schools around the United States. Also, find out about the research behind the practice.
  • teachthought.com

    A Better List Of Ideas For Project-Based Learning

    6 minute read
    John Cork says:
    You’ve read up about PBL and a ready to dive in but maybe you need a few ideas to get you started. This website from Teach Thought details some great PBL projects, 50 to be exact! The authors continually update the list with new ideas, tools, and resources so check back often. Also, article also includes "6 Posts To Get Started With Project-Based Learning" to further guide your PBL journey.
  • edutopia.org

    Resources for Assessment in Project-Based Learning

    7 minute read
    John Cork says:
    Here you’ll find a treasure trove of Project Based Learning resources from Edutopia which are categorized by 4 categories which include: PBL Assessment Foundations, Formative Assessment Practices, Standardized Tests and Assessment Research. These PBL resources were hand-picked by Edutopia to “create a culture of excellence” and “ensure deeper learning for all”. The resources found here include videos, articles, rubrics, blogs and more.
  • John Cork says:
    When other educators or parents ask me about Project Based Learning I ask them to watch this informative and engaging video! This 3-minute animated video from Common Craft makes it easy to understand the essential elements of PBL. You learn that the focus of Project Based Learning is to promote 21st Century skills which include collaboration, communication and critical thinking. You’ll also hear about a Science teacher who decides to enlist PBL to improve his teaching practice!
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