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Understanding the 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship

We often hear terms like Cyberbullying, Digital Footprint, Information Literacy, and Staying Safe Online. However, educators and students may not possess the broader understanding of where these topics evolve from. They are all part of the 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship which are defined as the norms of appropriate, responsible technology use. Understanding the 9 Elements will help you gain a better understanding of these concepts. Here are some great resources to get you started…
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Understanding the 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship
  • commonsensemedia.org

    Our K-12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum

    8 minute read
    John Cork says:
    The 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship covers an overwhelming array of skills to be taught and topics to explore. Fortunately, Common Sense Education comes to the rescue and provides a detailed curriculum map, in PDF format, aligned by topic and grade level. Additionally, the curriculum guide is matched with 80 lessons spanning K-12 in addition to “supporting materials such as student handouts, assessments, educational videos, family tip sheets, and professional development resources”.
  • edutopia.org

    5-Minute Film Festival: Teaching Digital Citizenship

    6 minute read
    John Cork says:
    Edutopia does it again! One of my favorite education related websites puts together some great video resources to help teachers understand and teach Digital Citizenship. Here you’ll find 11 videos covering an array of Digital Citizenship topics. After each video listing, you’ll find an informative paragraph explaining the video and help you “seed” classroom discussions, lessons or projects. Also, listed you’ll find additional links to other Digital Citizenship websites.
  • fosi.org

    How to Teach Your Students Digital Citizenship

    6 minute read
    John Cork says:
    This article written by a K-8 technology teacher breaks down what Digital Citizenship topics should be taught by grade level. Cyberbullying, Internet Safety, Netiquette, Password Safety, Digital Commerce and several more Digital Citizenship topics are covered. For any teacher looking for a curriculum map for digital citizenship this is an excellent resource.
  • John Cork says:
    This colorful Mind map was created using the Mindmeister website and breaks down the 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship into its constituent parts. I find it to be perfect for you more visual learners! Additionally, it is an excellent example of a mind-mapping project you may want to implement in your own class. Why not put your students in groups and have them break down one of the 9 elements even further?
  • digitalcitizenship.net

    The 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship Starts Here

    6 minute read
    John Cork says:
    One of the original websites that helped foster in the Digital Citizenship movement throughout the education community. This is where I originally discovered the 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship and, consequently, has been essential in my understanding of the elements. Here you find each of the 9 Elements defined and described in detail. Also helpful . . .the 9 elements are organized under the Principles of respect, educate and protects (REPs).
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