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Key Strategies for helping ELL Students in Any Subject Area

Sometimes, I just need some practical, hands-on, time-tested methods that will work fast for all my students. Now that the ELL population in my school district is growing, with more and more students having no basic understanding of any English, these are especially helpful as I needed some fast strategies to reach them. These resources are balanced with fast tips and broad instructional methods to bridge the language gap.
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Key Strategies for helping ELL Students in Any Subject Area
  • fcd-us.org

    Challenging Common Myths About Young English Language Learners

    15 minute read
    Lori Vilagos says:
    Did you know that total English immersion from Pre-K to 3rd grade is NOT the best way for an ELL student to learn English? I didn't realize that! In fact, this scholarly article covers a lot of common misconceptions about how students learn a language and what language they benefit from cognitively as well.
  • Lori Vilagos says:
    Technology is not just for enrichment anymore and is a very useful tool in all areas of education! This powerpoint was prepared by a teacher for teachers to get a run-down on useful apps for all content areas, with a briefing on their general purpose. Many of the apps target early learners, but the real focus is how to use the apps for instructional purposes, not enrichment or gaming. Great hands-on resource!
  • Lori Vilagos says:
    I've included a link for this amazing survival guide filled with both research-based instructional techniques and hands-on strategies to implement in the classroom. This starts with a broad view and philosophy on ESL and ELL curriculum, then moves into thematic units packed with resources, student samples, guides, and other evidence of classroom tested-teacher approved ideas for what works with this population.
  • teachingchannel.org

    Engaging English Language Learners In Academic Conversations

    6 minute read
    Lori Vilagos says:
    This resource includes inspiring videos and blog links that are geared toward building the oral language skills of all students in academic settings. These methods will help all students, but are especially helpful for multilingual students to develop their reasoning, understanding perspectives, and deepening content knowledge. These videos teach five tips for engaging students in academic conversations, and will surely be worth your time!
  • orh.sweetwaterschools.org

    ELL/SDAIE Strategies: Instructional Strategies Used Throughout the Year

    10 minute read
    Lori Vilagos says:
    WOW! This article is jam-packed with a straightforward list of strategies! The Sweet Water School district posted this document online to share, and I am so thankful!
  • Lori Vilagos says:
    This two-minute video gave such an innovative and inspirational highlight of one Kindergarten teacher's take on getting parents of this unique population actively involved in his classroom. It also allowed him to help teach the families alongside the students! If this is inspirational for you, there are more resource links to other articles with direct strategies on this site.
  • edutopia.org

    Do's & Don'ts For Teaching English-Language Learners

    5 minute read
    Lori Vilagos says:
    What a straight forward, excellent list of helpful practices for teachers with large immigrant populations! These practices, used regularly, will help all learners but are necessary for effectively reaching students with language barriers. Not only that but including the teaching methods that are not useful for reaching this population allows you to be reflective of your own practices and re-evaluate how you are doing reaching these students.
  • Lori Vilagos says:
    When I found this resource, I did a little happy dance! Starting with some background and ending with actual supporting resources for activities and lessons, this website is jam packed with information!
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