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Time Wasters: What Exactly Is Eating Up All Of Your Time?

It's a common feeling amongst teachers: there are never enough hours in the day to accomplish it all. It's an unavoidable problem to a certain extent; there is more material to cover than there are days in the school year and there are many other factors to consider as students are real people with individual needs. But...there are a few ways to identify some real 'time wasters'. Find out how to make the most of those all-too-quick days and weeks by eliminating the time wasters.
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Time Wasters: What Exactly Is Eating Up All Of Your Time?
  • scholastic.com

    Time Management Strategies

    5 minute read
    Melissa Williams says:
    Identify those time wasters, replace with smooth strategies and enjoy the extra teaching time. This article presents practical tips for maximizing your time in the classroom by increasing efficiency and pinpointing just where those minutes are disappearing to.
  • educationworld.com

    Classroom Management Tips: Time Savers

    4 minute read
    Melissa Williams says:
    This is a quick-read (as it should be...we are talking about time savers here!) with a few more tips to save you precious minutes here and there. Implement these small changes and start collecting more time for what's really important.
  • Melissa Williams says:
    "Work smarter, not harder"...a great quote! We, as teachers, have so much to do. It's wonderful to find ways to really make the time count and streamline processes without compromising student learning. Read about CHAMP and ACCESS to see if these ideas would help in your classroom when trying to get rid of pesky time wasters.
  • Melissa Williams says:
    These time wasters are completely common. So common, in fact, you may have thought they were impossible to avoid but fear not...solutions are a click away. I personally like the idea of a group-generating app, the kids will likely love it, it's a fair system, a time-saver and a nice way to incorporate a little technology into your room. It's always a bonus to find ways that technology can save you time!
  • edutopia.org

    Tips for Beating the Clock in the Classroom

    6 minute read
    Melissa Williams says:
    Hear from teacher/administrator Ben Johnson on some of the top time wasters and what can be done about them. Do you find yourself always passing out papers? Writing endless notes on the whiteboard for students to copy? Get some practical tips here to combat these time wasters.
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BloomBoard Asks:Have you ever discovered a major time waster in your classroom? Is there a certain routine or activity that you've tossed aside to gain more quality teaching time? Let us know!