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Beyond Civil Rights: Black History Month in the Classroom

Outside of writing essays about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s, "I Have a Dream" speech, or re-enacting Rosa Parks refusal to give up her bus seat, students often have very little exposure to other aspects of Black History. This collection provides resources to help make Black History Month and teaching Black History in general more interesting, informative, and balanced.
A Collection By Tracy Pinkard
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Beyond Civil Rights: Black History Month in the Classroom
  • theatlantic.com

    Is It Time to Retire Black History Month From the Classroom?

    10 minute read
    Tracy Pinkard says:
    This amazing article by Melinda D. Anderson is useful in so many ways! Because it presents historical facts (such as how Black History Month originated) and both sides of the controversy around Black History Month it is an excellent read for teachers, but also a great resource for students.
  • edutopia.org

    6 Teaching Tools for Black History Month

    5 minute read
    Tracy Pinkard says:
    Matt Davis shares some outstanding resources for teaching Black History lessons in this Edutopia blog post. From articles to read before you begin teaching, to classroom activities, to resource repositories - Davis includes some of the best.
  • southernstudies.org

    ReVisioning Black History Month: Linking African American and Latino histories

    7 minute read
    Tracy Pinkard says:
    Paul Ortiz provides an interesting and important discussion of the interconnection of cultural histories in this article exploring the links between African American and Latino history. This is one of my bookmarked resources because it reminds me of the globalism of cultural issues and experiences.
  • Tracy Pinkard says:
    This article is overflowing with resources for Black History Month lessons and activities that move beyond the Civil Rights Movement. What makes this resource especially useful is the list of Black History Month resources organized by state. This is a great way to plan Black History Month programs, field trips and presentations.
  • adl.org

    10 Ideas for Teaching Black History Month

    20 minute read
    Tracy Pinkard says:
    This pdf by the Anti-Defamation League offers great suggestions for approaching Black History Month with a fresh perspective. As the article notes, activities should encourage students to think critically and globally about the political, financial, social and cultural impact of African American culture throughout history.
  • raisingrigorandreaders.com

    Raising Rigor and Readers: Black History Month: Getting Beyond Dr. King

    6 minute read
    Tracy Pinkard says:
    This article on the Raising Rigor and Readers blog is an excellent starting place for planning Black History lessons. Suggestions and activities are included for teaching about Black history during the Civil Rights Era, as well as before and after this period. I especially like that activities are organized around the past, present, and future - emphasizing to students the impact cultures may have over time - not just in one point in time.
  • tolerance.org

    Five Things Not to Do During Black History Month

    6 minute read
    Tracy Pinkard says:
    STOP! Read this brief article before you begin any Black History lesson. Then share the article with your fellow teachers.The insights presented here are to-the-point, insightful and are actually applicable throughout the academic year - not just Black History Month. .