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Pi Day the Right Way

Pi Day is celebrated each year in most schools, from elementary to high. But explaining exactly why we spend the day celebrating a number can be harder than drawing a perfect circle freehand. The videos, articles, infographics, and more included in this collection present a variety of resources for making Pi Day both interesting and informational.
A Collection By Tracy Pinkard
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  • 8 Collection Items
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Pi Day the Right Way
  • Tracy Pinkard says:
    This collection of Pi-related comics is great for motivating yourself, colleagues, and/or students about Pi Day. While a few of the comics focus on other math concepts, all of them are entertaining and quite a bit of them are thought-provoking enough to be used as lesson introductions, anchor charts, or as discussion prompts.
  • educationworld.com

    Activities for Pi Day

    5 minute read
    Tracy Pinkard says:
    Although there are tons of resources for Pi Day activities, many of them are geared towards math classes. I particularly like this brief list by Education World because it includes Pi Day activities for physical education, art, language arts/reading and more. The activities could also be used by one classroom for a day (or week) of engaging Pi-related activities.
  • scientificamerican.com

    Why Tau Trumps Pi

    8 minute read
    Tracy Pinkard says:
    Woo Hoo! It's June 28th, Tau Day! While Pi Day is celebrated worldwide, very few people (if any) will be celebrating Tau (2Pi) Day. I like this article because it reinforces facts students have learned about Pi while also demonstrating that math is flexible and that theories can change.
  • Tracy Pinkard says:
    This TeachPi list of Pi day activities is almost as long as the number itself and just as awesome! The activities are oranized by type (contests, projects, songs, etc.) which makes it easy to locate the appropriate activity for your students. Additionally, each activity includes of brief description of what the activity is, often along with examples of how actual teachers and students completed the activity.
  • scholastic.com

    Exploring Pi

    4 minute read
    Tracy Pinkard says:
    Although geared toward students younger than high school, the interactive activities included in this list of online Pi resources by Scholastic are actually appropriate for all grade levels. I like this resource because the activities vary, allowing students of all learning styles and levels to be engaged.
  • thumbnails-visually.netdna-ssl.com

    Visualizing Pi

    Tracy Pinkard says:
    I love this infographic because it's appropriate for students at most grade levels. Elementary and middle schools students are engaged by the interesting facts (for example, how long it would take a person to recite Pi without stopping), while high school students can also appreciate the history and actual mathematics of the number.
  • Tracy Pinkard says:
    This brief video is great for playing as students enter class, as a lesson introdcution, or just to celebrate Pi Day. Photos of common things (for example, music, rainbows, even DNA) that surprisingly depend on Pi are displayed in an entertaining slideshow.
  • newyorker.com

    Why Pi Matters

    6 minute read
    Tracy Pinkard says:
    Pi is taught extensively in high school, addressed in middle school, and, at the least, Pi Day is celebrated in elementary school. Despite all this attention, students are often left wondering what the big deal is. This article does an excellent job of providing concrete examples of how Pi impacts our daily lives (we can't make a pie without it).