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Identifying And Beating Teacher Burnout

A friend once told me, “Teaching is the best job you’ll ever hate doing.” That’s a bit harsh for my tastes, but after my first three years, I got it. Between great students failing because they didn’t care, parents who never believed their child could be wrong, long weekend nights grading papers, and yet another committee to join, I was ready to give up. I had burned out without realizing it. Thankfully, a mentor gave me some articles to read about identifying burnout and how to get past it.
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Identifying And Beating Teacher Burnout
  • businessknowhow.com

    10 Ways to Create More Time in Your Day

    5 minute read
    William O'Dea says:
    A lot of articles I read (and people I talked to) offered great suggestions for dealing with burnout, but I was stressed because I had a ton of stuff to do. How am I going to add even more stuff to my day? That’s where this article came in handy. I discovered how I’m much more productive in the morning, so now I schedule more tasks at that time to have room for some self-care tasks.
  • smartclassroommanagement.com

    How To Avoid Teacher Burnout

    6 minute read
    William O'Dea says:
    I’m a practical person. Tell me something vague and hippy like, “Just let go, man,” and I still don’t know what to do. That’s why I love this article. It lists nine specific things you can actually do that help. I used to show up almost-but-not-quite late every day, but after reading this, I show up early enough for a cup of coffee. I traded 20 minutes of sleep for a whole day of less stress, and that’s a great trade-off.
  • William O'Dea says:
    I used to call it the “Back to school blues.” Every Sunday evening, I’d start to feel anxious and worried about Monday. That’s because I was so burned out by Friday afternoon that I’d leave work unfinished and had to rush through Monday. But after reading this article, I learned how that just made things worse. I also appreciated how this article recommended “Mental Health Days.”
  • helpguide.org

    Preventing Burnout

    10 minute read
    William O'Dea says:
    This article isn’t specifically for teachers, but I found it incredibly helpful. Teaching is stressful, and there’s no getting around that. But what’s the difference between stress and burnout? This article explains that, but even better, it goes into how to recovery from burnout after it hits. And each year after testing is done and I’m that far behind, I need these strategies.
  • schoolmentalhealth.org

    Coping with Teacher Burnout

    8 minute read
    William O'Dea says:
    It’s always difficult to look at ourselves and recognize how we’re contributing to the problem. But when it comes to burnout, I would make things harder by unconsciously distorting situations as worse than they were. If I had one student giving me problems, I would tend to blame the whole class for it. This scholarly article helped me see how that distortion happens. Now, I am more likely to spot my reframing and stop it.
  • edweek.org

    Six Signs of-and Solutions for-Teacher Burnout

    5 minute read
    William O'Dea says:
    This is one of those articles where I read it and instantly thought, “Oh, that’s why I kept telling friends I just wanted to be alone Saturday night.” I loved how the article started with the signs of burnout, especially because I was seeing that with some colleagues I cared about. I found the six lessons learned to be very helpful, especially about maintaining relationships. I tend to “cave up” when very stressed, so this reminded me to reach out and be with others.
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